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more repairs to green

The 2G limitation has been found and localized.  The code used the (old 32 bit) lseek.
The fix is to use llseek which uses 2 32bit ints for the offset. Since this is a relatively new call, (I believe it came in with more recient 2.4 kernels,) it certainly wasn't available on SunOS 1.1 or even the linux we had at the public announcement.

I'll fix it and release it soon, next time I'm awake. Note that you will need a relatively recient kernel to build enf files larger than 2G or 4G (whichever it is). Such annoying limitations! No one else seems to think the way we do, rather the world hasn't quite caught up to the way we thought in 1979.

A related note. Linux doesn't seem to have a "raw" disk mode in the old standard unix way. Similar functionality can be achived in other ways If we are still interested in that.
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