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new event dispatching for smalltalk FM

Well, i did it.  I built a dispatcher for FM (currently not portable, but
some rewrite / class org will fix that) which allows a group of independent
but associated FM views to be handled together.  The problem comes up with
getting correct update behaviour (and dragging) between FM views in the
same "window".  It even works...  I've still got some cleanup left, like
making a MultiViewer to hold a batch of viewers.
  Your gonna love the hack I built to make the event dispatcher stuff work
correctly when mixed with standard smalltalk dispatchers...  Well, maybe
_love_ isn't quite the right word...  There is now an independent process
that calls the dispatcher (which generates and dispatches FM events) and
then yields back to the smalltalk dispatchers, er, controllers.  Amazingly
enough, it works.  I keep a Fluid with the active fm dispatcher, and it
is monitored by the dispatch process.  When you enter a window with FM views
(the top view must now be a 'FMWindow'), the Fluid is set, and yer off...
kinda kludgy.