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Re: creating prototype objects

> From hibbert Fri Nov  9 15:31:55 1990
> Shepherd::changeClassToThatOf(Shepherd * anInstance) requires [] a prototype
> argument to changeClassToThatOf().
> I don't know how to automatically write a call on the constructor for
> these classes in order to create the prototypes we need.  Each of the
> classes has a different set of constructors.  I can't think of any
> reasonable way to build the pieces using either Stubble or the
> protocol macro (UNLOCK) which I've already inserted in the headers of
> all of Shepherd's subclasses.
> The only (unreasonable?) idea I have is to automatically generate a
> hidden constructor for each of the lockable classes that I can call to
> make the prototypes.  [Bletch!]  Did you have something else in mind
> already, or can you think of some (reasonable) way of solving this?

On the X++ side, such constructors are already created (by stubble) for
all proxy, copy, and shepherd_patriarch classes, for use by the recipe.
It would be a minor matter to add another for creating prototypes/
extracting vtable addresses.