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Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Corner lists (wuz Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Direct ion and name of d.cursor

On 11 Jul, Ted Nelson wrote:
>>Actually, we often write this like
>> |heading|-|  +      |
>>           |chapter 1|
>>           |chapter 2|
>>           |chapter 3|
>>           ...
>>i.e. inserting a dummy cell *exactly* because of this.  This is called
>>a corner list.  At this point, all chapters are headcells.

This practise is good to know.

> This is not necessarily the only form of a corner list--
>  it's a corner list with an empty cell at the top, making it easier
>  to rearrange.
> As soon as we have the Chug operation, that empty cell will
>  be less necessary.

Without the empty cell, how do you actually know it's a corner list?

Do I get this right: headcell is the negend cell, unless the negend
cell is blank. When the negend cell is blank, it's a corner list and
the headcell is something else? And what then? If we are to show the
headcell somehow differently, we should have an exact way to define it.

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