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Re: [zzdev] Direction and name of d.cursor

> I guess one might think I'm sort of reluctant to work ie. to code.
> Tuomas assigned me the job of reversing the directions of d.cursor. 

Because the current prototype *is* wrong: the accursed cell being
the posend, not the negend.

> |heading|-|chapter 1|
>           |chapter 2|
>           |chapter 3|
>           ...
> Here, you get the "special" cell going up the rank and then negwards on
> d.contains. (Notice that here again, going poswards on d.contents gives
> you the contents.) The headcell (chapter 1) has no special meaning here.

Actually, we often write this like

 |heading|-|  +      |
           |chapter 1|
           |chapter 2|
           |chapter 3|

i.e. inserting a dummy cell *exactly* because of this.  This is called
a corner list.  At this point, all chapters are headcells.

> Thanks if you bothered to read this through. If you say that Tuomas's
> suggestion is the right way to do it, then I'll do it.

This is something that has already been discussed with Ted. Unless
he has changed his mind.