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:gzz: MUCH BETTER (wuz Asymmetry of Vanishing View: Family Tree example

Hi Tuomas--

Thanks for helping me correct the discrepancy.

When both columns are not loops, it looks right (enclosed pic).

However, when both columns *are* loops, it looks goofy (2d pic).

I think we need more options on your vanishing view.
 Absent that, if it had to be one particular way, I'd much prefer to see
 the columns going downward from the current cell than up.

Best, Ted

At 04:04 AM 7/7/00 +0300, you wrote:
>> I enclose some data I just created, extending my family-tree demo
>>  with the actual birth and death dates.  You can see that we'd like
>>  to see the columns symmetrically, but that's not the result.  
>Well, there's no connection upwards from + and Born but there is
>one from Died - how do you expect it to be symmetric? Put the
>years below Died and that's much better.
>> Could you please state the current algorithm?  Perhaps it can be
>>  modified in a user-desirable way ...
>It's a bit complicated due to many factors and should be rethought
>at some point. 
>	Tuomas

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