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Points raised in today's meeting at Jyväskylä

Here are some points we discussed today that I'd be very interested
to hear Ted's opinion on. These are largely user interface issues
but they are fairly important for immediate uses.

First of all, would it be a good or bad thing to split the currently
one window into two toplevel (i.e. window that has title bar etc) 

Or should we go for the model where we take up all of the screen space
and work inside it with our own rules?

Removing the text area and just editing text right inside the center
cell --- how's that?

If we can do 1) and 2), we can get rid of Swing and have suddenly much less
download for the most basic ZZ version.

Next, AJ was assigned the task of coming up with a nice-looking tree
view (for hierarchical stuff) where the child cells are smaller than 
parents so things fit. Any comments / ideas about this? 

Since we are beginning to have more views and parameters and everything,
we felt that a nice way of switching views on&off would be good.
One idea would be a "menu window" or a "command center" which you'd
access with a keystroke which would pop up a particular ZZ view
where you' see the list of windows/views and have operations for 
various things.