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Re: [zzdev] bug: GZZ home page unreadable

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 09:18:28AM -0500, David Goodger wrote:
> > (I'm planning to re-write it in reStructuredText anyway ;-) )
> I was actually looking for the PEG files, as an example of reStructuredText
> in use.  Are they online?

Oh, wow! You'll also want to see our architecture docs where we embed
UML into them in such a way that we autogenerate links back and forth
between the arch.docs and javadocs (we're writing a manuscript to
HT'03 about this as we speak)

Just check out our CVS and see under doc/. Run "make doc" to get the HTML
with all UML diagrams.

BTW: questions about gzz should be sent to the gzz-dev list, not zzdev.