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Re: [zzdev] bug: GZZ home page unreadable

[David Goodger]
>> In my browser (MS IE 5.1, MacOS 8.6), the GZZ home page
>> (http://www.nongnu.org/gzz/) is almost unreadable.  It's dark gray text on a
>> dark blue background.

[Benja Fallenstein]
> Thank you for your bug report! This bug has been reported to us once
> before, but with the closest I can come to your configuration (IE 4.5 on
> MacOS 9), I'm not able to reproduce. :-( Fortunately, I think after some
> mediation :) I have spotted the bug: Our CSS code had a syntax error
> (missing semicolon) and browsers would interpret it differently. Please
> try again; I hope that this fixes the issue.

Yes, it is perfectly readable now.

> (I'm planning to re-write it in reStructuredText anyway ;-) )

I was actually looking for the PEG files, as an example of reStructuredText
in use.  Are they online?

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