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0.8 alpha not working correctly for me

I have downloaded the 0.8 alpha version and can't get it to work normally. I use "java -jar gzz-0.8alpha1.jar -t -C" on the command line (Mac OSX). I get 2 blank windows until I hit "Home". Then I get one blank cell. I can edit it and add new cells. But where are all the other cells? How do I execute commands? Get more than 3 views (I have Vanishing, Row, and Column)? How do I use the Gzz commander window (no curser visible)? What is the Updateloop enabled button? Where should I start in reading the docs for this version of gzz? (I like the improved animation)

Here is the output in the terminal window:

JUpdateManager: going to wait for next event
No setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled method found: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException
Continuing, assuming jdk < 1.4

(I have jdk and mrj 2.2.5)

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