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Re: [zigzag] GZigZag 0.5.0 has been released]

> This branched version option was developed to address and resolve two 
> problems: firstly, to give the biggest supporters of Gzz (including 
> its inventor and designer, BTW) a 'usable' program, even during its 
> pre-release stages; and secondly tp allow the coding and development 
> team, which is comprised of a number of brilliant, idiosyncratic, and 
> inner-directed individuals, a chance to explore a variety of options, 
> in a variety of ways, based largely, though not entirely, on criteria 
> of their own devising.
> Were this branch structure to be successfully put into place it would 
> allow the 'futuristic', leading-edge development threads and 
> functionality to be folded into the 'stable version' on a case by 
> case basis when these functions were ready  - stable, from the user's 
> point of view, in the sense of working well; working smoothly; and 
> when there is a crash or hiccup, to fail gently and without 
> destroying more than a smidgeon of user data when it does so.

No, that's not possible: the parts of the program interconnect and
therefore, folding in parts from the leading-edge version doesn't work.

What we do is we check that we have a reasonably working version, i.e.
that nobody has just checked in something that breaks something important
and then release that as the first revision of a stable release, in this
case 0.5.0. When bugs are found, 0.5.1 is put out which fixes those.

So anyone using gzigzag should be using the latest "stable" version,
in this case 0.5.0. The leading-edge version is the CVS tree and that
may be broken at any particular time, but 0.5.0 is there and is good 
and if there's a problem, you'll surely report it and we'll fix it.
This is how it works in free software development.