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[zzdev] Re: [zigzag] GZigZag 0.5.0 has been released

Hi AJ,

 > Could you suggest to us what you think is the most stable version
 that is 'nearest' (a _very_ imprecise term, but I hope you understand
 what I mean;-) in features and functionality to the new 0.5?


Am I to take it that you and the rest of us, the users, have done a Vulcan mind-meld on the meaning of 'stable'? And are thus in complete, 100.000% agreement on that point?

As you so aptly point out in your earlier post,

and supersedes previous releases.  We hope that all users are
able to upgrade to the 0.5 series, but acknowledge that there may be
problems (which we most definitely want to hear about).  We recommend
that all users of GZigZag use a stable version.

where you suggest that "all users of GZigZag use a stable version". This, after stating in the previous sentence that "We...acknowledge that there may be problems", strongly suggests to me that you mean a version _other than_ 0.5.0 - the new, feature-rich, and very possibly _not_ stable version, by anyone's definition of that term. I don't think that we need to posit a group-wide Vulcan mind-meld to say that we may all of us hold reasonable doubts concerning the stability of 0.5.0, especially when you appear to say, clearly, that you doubt its stability as well.

But rather than going off on an intellectually interesting but not really relevant definition-hunt as to what 'stable version' means, I would rather repeat my earlier request: that you suggest to us what you think is the most stable verion of GZigzag, and with that suggestion send us a URL with a live link to the executables of that version.


edward harter

P.S. Brevity may be the soul of wit (and when properly used, of course it is;-), but in most instances sentences are considered more grammatically correct and elegant when they consist of something more than three numbers and two periods - where neither of the latter ends the sentence....