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Re: [zzdev] 0.4.0: We urgently need Edit Window functions

Hi Marlene!

> 1.  Pressing the Enter key causes the cursor to go to a new line (and
> doesn't put some unreadable         character at the end of the current
> line).

The internal framework to do this needs a bit more thought, but I think
I can do this. You're right; I did not pay enough attention to this when
I wrote the code for the "new" edit window; that's partly because Nile,
which uses the same layouter internally, has its own line-breaking
system and so I didn't remember we need a different one for the Edit Window.

I think I can do this till the end of the week (Sunday). I hope to fix
another bug in the layouter at the same time, which causes words being
broken at the strangest positions.

> 2.  Striping for delete or cut-and-paste works
> 3.  Cut-and-paste works

The catch here is that we need 1) a new interface for direct
manipulation using the mouse and 2) a way to store the selections.
Especially the former is important for a WHOLE bunch of other things.
This will definitely need some figuring out, so, sorry, it'll take a bit
more time until we are there.

The reasons are still the same as in A-J's quick edit win hack.

> 4.  Home key causes cursor to go to beginning of line
> 5.  End key causes curor to go to end of line

I haven't tested it, but A-J's actions should still work for these. If
they don't, however, I don't have time for fixing them, sorry.

A-J, I wonder: Can't we make a new edit window which uses a dumb AWT
TextField component? That would help Marlene out until we get our system working.

- Benja