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Re: 0.4.0: We urgently need Edit Window functions

On 20010108T212446-0500, Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> We desperately need these Edit Window controls and have been asking for
> them since way back in October.  We cannot do demos or design applitudes
> without the following minimum edit controls (all of which were working in
> the 0706 version):

And I did those of them that could be done easily back then.  I told
you then that what was then lacking was not trivial to add.

> 1.  Pressing the Enter key causes the cursor to go to a new line (and
> doesn't put some unreadable         character at the end of the current
> line).

The character you are seeing is actually a (bad) visual representation
for the end-of-line character.  Once we fix the views to show it properly,
any of those you already have inputted should show as proper end-of-lines.
So the enter-pressing of today should not go to waste.

> 4.  Home key causes cursor to go to beginning of line

It does.  Well, the current keybindings have Home going to the beginning
of the cell and Ctrl-A to the beginning of line.  But this is customisable
as you know.

> 5.  End key causes curor to go to end of line

It does.  Well, Ctrl-E does, as above.

Or at least they should work, I made them work when we last discussed
this.  (Note that although you can't currently *see* the end-of-lines
properly, they are there in the structure

> I can easily understand why there are delays if we ask for something new,
> but it's hard to understand why features that were already working (such as
> these edit controls in the 0706 version) don't continue to work in
> subsequent versions.

The reason is that what you are asking for are essentially new features.

The old July version used Swing to create the edit window.  Swing was
something we wanted to get rid of, for many non-technical and some
technical reasons.  And eventually we did, which caused the old edit
window to disappear.

The current edit window is a total rewrite, originally something I quickly
threw together (at your request) when we were preparing for one of the
demos back then when you were here in Jyväskylä.  It has always been a
quick hack that might actually benefit from being done all over again
from scratch.

> I thought that's what "stable" implied -- that the
> user can depend on various  working  features from one version to the next?

Stable means not moving.  Ie. stable is not a moving target.  (Well,
at least compared to the CVS snapshots.)

> Please tell us when the "stable" version will have edit controls.  Until
> then, I guess we will continue to use 0706 for our demos and applitudes.

They will have them when they will have them.

I'll take another look at this later today, but I can't promise any
completion dates.

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