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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] GZigZag and education?

I wrote:
> I might actually implement a very primitive version of a map relatively
> soon, though I'm not sure yet: it seems to be quite a good way to group
> symbols for use with my programming applitude. If I get around to do
> that, we could think about how we can improve it.

Actually, I've done that and it's in the unofficial build I've published
at http://www.channelzilch.com/niledemo/gzz.jar . The view is called
Notemap Star and can be found on the AllViews list -- clone it to the
Views list, and press "v" until you see it. If you view in the right
(Data) window, you can create new cells with "n" and connect marked
cells with "-".

The view doesn't look very good for cells which are only connected to
one other cell; I have a patch that makes them a bit more readable, but
it's not quite what it should be there, either. Needs some tuning.

Internal structure: the cells are connected with a relcell on d.map-1
and d.map-2. Link types aren't implemented yet.

- Benja