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Re: [zzdev] Scribbles

On 20001227T143715+0100, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:
> I've read your scribbles, and I think I understood them (except: what is
> an injection?).

It's standard mathematical terminology.  The definition:

Let f : X -> Y be a function, x and x' in X, and y in Y.  Now f is an
injection if

     f(x) = y and f(x') = y imply x = x'

> Dom d is the X' from your theorem section, i.e. the set of cells which
> have posward connections along d, right?


> Mostly, it makes sense, just the last section is problematic. The
> important thing about clone dimensions is not simply that the contents
> are equal; the important thing is they *stay* equal.

Indeed.   But the model does not yet handle mutable spaces anyway.

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