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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Got the gzz Nile demo working in Netscape!

Hi Marlene,

Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> Hi, Benja --
> >>         When I hit Ctrl-T to create the beam, it causes one of the
> >>          highlighted words to be duplicated.
> >Could you give an example?
> Sure.  Let's say the word "quick" is highlighted in the First Text and in
> the Second Text.  I press Ctrl-T and a beam appears between the two
> "quick"s.  In addition, another word "quick" is inserted next to one of the
> ones highlighted, usually in the First Text document.

Well, that's how I understood transclusions should work. :)

Okay, take this example: in the left stream, you have the Xanadu poem.
In the right stream, you write an article about Xanadu. Now, you want to
quote two lines from the poem. You select them in the left stream, go
back to the right stream to the position where you want to quote, and
press Ctrl-T. You don't need to type the quote in, it's like you've
copied and pasted it: it appears right there, and a beam is shown
between quote and original.

Would be quite dumb if you had to key the quote in, then select both
instances and create a beam. After all, transclusions are about the
*same* thing being in two places, not two copies of it which are linked, right?

That is, in your example, just type "quick" in *one* stream, select it,
go in the other stream where you want to have it to, and press Ctrl-T.
Now it's in both streams, once.

Am I missing something?
- Benja