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Re: [zzdev] We're onto something

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> I'm getting the feeling that we are really onto something here: hopping
> words around with Nile, having it capitalize the first letter of the
> sentence feels --- right, somehow.

Absolutely! I think it's really amazing.

> Especially since it animates the hops so that it looks really pretty (and
> is not disorienting).

Yep, but it's too slow. Probably we need a way to have the update
manager use different durations for different views -- maybe the views
should save them in the ZZScenes (i.e., flobsets) or something. Text
reactions just have to be faster than cell reactions, especially when
you're typing text in. (Well, same for typing text into cells, so maybe
the primitive actions should set the duration.)