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Re: [zzdev] java.text.BreakIterator

Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> > Just noted: why don't we use java.text.BreakIterator? It can break lines
> > as well as words and sentences, and it can do so in a localized way.
> > Plus, it's standard JDK 1.1. As long as we stay on the Java platform,
> > why not use the intelligence that's there?
> No, it can only break strings. Breaking by lines is only in 1.2.

The 1.1 API documentation speaks of a line-breaking instance which finds
possible line breaks. (I just stumbled over it in the docs, didn't try
it out yet.) Doesn't that work, or what?

> Also, we want special definition of sentence: the separator of sentences
> is two spaces.

(btw, don't you think sentences should be stored structurally -- e.g.
one cell each or something? It makes sense to me to enter them with two
spaces, but it makes less sense to me not to have them represent the
sentences: that means I can't use two spaces just as two spaces, which
seems kind of limiting, and: what do three spaces in a row mean?)

> Breaking at these is the simple part. The complicated part is figuring out
> how to make it easy for the user to manipulate objects at these levels.

Well, ok, I see. So it's not useful for nile.