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Re: [zzdev] Parallel markup

> One thing, though: If I get the code right, you're doing paragraphs in
> Nile1.zob. First, I think FTexts should be able to include newlines;
> second, if we want a paragraph to be something else than two newlines, I
> think FTextLayouter should be able to place them. Why? Because other
> applitudes than nile will want to use them.
> Do you think it's possible to do that easily? (Maybe just move the
> existing code to FTextLayouter?)

The problem is that with Nile we might be doing a VERY long text stream so
we want to be able to do if in paragraph chunks and stop when we're out
of sight..

It's not two newlines, BTW, it's a vertical skip by a given number of

If we want to expand FText to cover these *as well*, it's of course
possible, by adding something like FText.ParagraphBreakPart (maybe a
shorter name would be good).

Another point for handling paragraphs in Nile is that I want to do some
really strange stuff with them and I'm not sure what we want to move to
FText and when.