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Re: [Gzigzag-commits] gzigzag/Java/flob FTextLayouter.java

"Tuomas J. Lukka" wrote:
> Log Message:

Temper! :o)

Why not? I think it should be

if(!cursors) cur.bg = null;

if anything, or, if you don't like that flobs are changed after they're
created, the constructor of SplitCellFlob1 should be changed so it's
possible not to show cursor colors -- because I want to be able not to
show them, and all views are valid! :) Hm, there could be a mode to show
the line cursors colored, that would make sense to me. But I don't like
the other. (For example, I want to have a multiline cell view soon. Then
I want the cell background be colored, not the text pieces.)