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Re: [zzdev] Some smaller notes

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, Benjamin Fallenstein wrote:

> Hi everyone!
> Sorry about the delay -- I haven't been able to connect to the net till
> yesterday. First, let me point out a bug (on the Mac platform; can't
> test it on others at the moment).
> It's keymaps again: On the German keymap, y and z are reversed. gZZ has
> a strange behaviour about this: y rotates the y-axis, but Alt-Y rotates
> the z-axis, or more accurately: invokes the Alt-Z key binding, which
> rotates. I suppose that's because gZZ does internal translation only
> when control keys are pressed, and lets Java do translation otherwise.
> Anyway, it's something to be fixed. (It wouldn't be as bad if y would
> invoke z during navigation, but then, this mustn't happen in text
> editing mode!)

Wow, that's definitely a Java bug. 
If you can find out what exactly is happening, that
would help; run with

	-dbg ZZKeyBindings1

after foo.Main on the command line and record the output of when you press
whatever key.

> An almost-bug is that the default height of the windows is 700. It's
> straightforward to make a window *bigger* if you want it, but if you
> want to make a window *smaller* and the part of the window you do that
> with is outside the screen area, you're lost (at least if you are a
> novice user of a platform, like me, who doesn't know the magic ways to
> do it anyway). To use the 0726 snapshot, I had to understand the code of
> ZZWindows first, to know that I had to insert d.bounds to the dimension
> list, and rotate to it with the cursor on the window's cell -- not a
> recommended user interface. ;)

Oh, 700 goes outside your screen? What's reasonable, 500? Or 450, then
we'll also get the people who have 640x480

I'm sorry I haven't time to look at your stuff in detail right now but
will do so at first opportunity (possibly on weekend or next week).