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Re: [zzdev] d.masterdim and slices

On 25 Jul, Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Tuukka Hastrup wrote:
>> On 25 Jul, Tuomas Lukka wrote:
>> >> If s.0 is non-empty, then one would like to see the difference between
>> >> getSpaceHome and getSliceHome(s.0) - if there's something to do with
>> >> slices, why not with s.0 too?
>> > 
>> > Sorry, now I don't understand... why can't the Space home be designated as
>> > the home cell of slice 0?
>> If there's (and it seems there is) some cases we want to distinguish
>> between a slice and the compound place, then we should make the
>> difference visible somehow. 
> The point is that s.0 is *always* there. So think of the compound place as
> s.0 with other things (slices) loaded in. That's why s.0's home is the
> whole hog's home.

Still, if we were to do something to s.0, like export new default
settings, then how do we distinguish between exporting s.0 and
exporting the compound space as a whole? (Another example: you want
the slice's d.masterdim rank or the space's d.masterdim rank)

OK, s.0 is special. It might be it's not a problem if it has special and
normal slice role at the same time. I guess we'll see as we go on.


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