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Re: [zzdev] Dimension existence

> Possible solutions: (kinda dirty ones)
> - have a list of these implicit dimensions and "touch" them during
> startup
> - initialize d.masterdim with these implicit dimensions (also from a
> list)

Anything will do, since the startup is really just a bootstrap; eventually
we will simply take an existing default space and use that, I'd think.

Creating some of the special dimensions at startup has some good features,
since then we don't need the code to test names of new dimensions to be
created. We must separate two cases here: opening a space first time
(creating) and opening it subsequently. In the latter case, the system
should go along d.masterdim and look for the special dimensions and create
their Java objects immediately.

I'm not sure FlatRaster is a good name, it suggests to me something else.