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Re: [zzdev] d.masterdim and slices

> Concept decisions:
> - Is there a home cell on each slice, or only one per space?

I'd say there's a special home cell on each slice. Ted?

> - Are slices differentiable in the space? (Is there one rank per slice
> along d.cellcreation? Is there one rank per slice along d.masterdim?
> etc. Are there two operations: getSpaceHome and getSliceHome)

Depends on the dimensions. Probably there will be separate ranks for the
current set of all dimensions and the set of dimensions per each slice.

> - Is there a slice that is not a slice ;-) Can we make s.0 be otherwise
> empty but just contain the information for the compound space? This
> way, no need to separate getSpaceHome and getSliceHome, as getSpaceHome
> = getSliceHome(s.0)

No, s.0 is the "current space" where everything is. There is stuff there.
But this is not really related to the second part of your question: we can
define that to be so anyway.