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Re: [zzdev] View ideas

> A projectifying-glass: (extending the idea of single-cell raster)
> You press a key and instantly get a small window, accursed cell in the
> middle and all the neighbour cells around, along _all_ dimensions. This
> would serve as a "map" when you don't know which dimensions to expect.
> Pressing the key again would close the window, or you could navigate
> using mouse. (keyboard navigation is also easy to make up)
> Especially, this would be handy for us developers when exploring some
> "weird" system structures.

The single cell raster is already in the sourceforge to-do list. Feel free
to go ahead ;) (read the comments there).

Opening a window is not necessarily the best; just changing the raster
would also work. Or if we want the projectifying-glass type thing, it
should be more general: "open a new subview with a particular raster".

> Fortune-wheel menus:
> Kind of pie menus(http://catalog.com/hopkins/piemenus/). Visualized easily from ZZ-structure - we'd make
> ZZ structure. Make them only locally euclidean too! Easy to use with
> mouse, even easier with keyboard. The idea is that the wheel can be
> rotated with two keys and selections made and undone with two keys.
> Faster access can be provided with the eight directions of the keypad.
> We have already talked about menus with Tuomas. The structure should be
> general enough - simple is often universal. Might tree-like structure
> be enough (2-D: d.submenu and d.enumerate)? Do we need some kind of
> cross-references? We might eg want to show the same submenu in several
> places in the tree. 

This is one place where the PARC-like hierarchy is insufficient: it
requires these "cross-references" and "same submenu in several places"
because the original abstraction is insufficient. Why do you want to
recreate that here, where we have much freer motion and structure.

More interesting would be some way of adapting the pie menu idea for more
general structure like ZZ... it requires there to be more than one parent,
for example.