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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Headcells and corner lists (wuz Re: [zzdev] :gzz: Corner lists (wuz Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] Direct ion and name of d.cursor

> Right now there is no way to designate a headcell on a looping rank,
>  but when there is such a thing, we'll also need a toggle to show it,
>  as with every other trait.

By the way, there are some problems with loops in the structure we need
to discuss at some point (Tuukka first noticed these). Not only looping
ranks but other types of more complex loops.

> The top cell need not be empty, but right now that's the only way
>  you can conveniently rearrange the significant items on the list--
>  the top one is locked in place by its sideways connection.  But
>  after we implement "chug", it'll be easy to rearrange the whole
>  corner list, including the top element.

The other advantage of the top cell being empty is that then all the
cells on the list can be headcells in the other dimension.