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:zz: The Plan for ZigZag (Intermission)

Dear Andrew, Bek and other participants:

Here we are again.  The power of the imagination:
 I thought I just had a handful of simple extensions.

However, as I continue to put together the list,
 years of possible work creak into view.

All so EASY in the MIND!  The trouble with being
 able to imagine things well and clearly is imagining
 too much and too easily.  An obviously simple idea
 seems so simply to be executed.  And a plurality
 of possibilities may be swung into being simply with
 a flick of the mind.  

Wonderfully inexpensive, that first stage.

Well, anyhow, now we have to choose the features
 and aspects with the most short-term payoff--
 big results mainly, or Super-Looking Effects.

I will take Sunday off (no airconditioning, and it's
 July on the Kanto plain-- GROAN--) and complete
 these listings on Monday.

Thank you for your participation in this exciting work.

Maybe we could take a poll of feature payoff vs.
 effort-- everybody guess how many weeks a feature
 will take, then rate its benefit?

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