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Re: :zz: The Plan for ZigZag (2)

Ted Nelson wrote:
> One is the steady incremental additions ("features", though I detest the
> term) which Bek is going to be doing.  The other is the daring expansions,
> which have to be done by Andrew.  This is not to belittle Bek's ability,
> but rather to praise Andrew's swooping understanding of a broad variety of
> issues.  This doesn't mean Bek does just "the easy stuff"; she and Andrew
> will decide which parts he needs to do.  

Makes sense to me :)

Few questions:

I'm moving out of home in a month.  That means I really need to be
doing work that brings in at least a little money.  What's the chance
that this will be short-term financial for me?  Long term?

How much time should I be putting on this, too?  Ballpark ...

What about OSMIC - I still haven't got many of the features in the
TODO list done for that ... (Andrew:  Read that as I've done all the
server fixes you suggested and none of the client ones.)

Something that just occured to me - can anybody figure out a way I can
turn implementing ZZ and/or OSMIC into a honours or masters thesis?
That would give me a BUNCH more time to work on them!


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