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:zz: The Plan for ZigZag (2)


We have two development thrusts which we want to keep as closely
coordinated as possible.

One is the steady incremental additions ("features", though I detest the
term) which Bek is going to be doing.  The other is the daring expansions,
which have to be done by Andrew.  This is not to belittle Bek's ability,
but rather to praise Andrew's swooping understanding of a broad variety of
issues.  This doesn't mean Bek does just "the easy stuff"; she and Andrew
will decide which parts he needs to do.  

HOWEVER, I have had my fill of overcommitment and overoptimistic bad
planning.  At long last and for the first time, I see a single coherent
line of software development: Andrew will take the daring new initiatives,
and then (when they work) Bek will bind into these new initiatives the
continuing code.  

So at any one time there will be no more than two pieces of code under

1)  Version N, that which Bek is currently consolidating at any given time;

2)  Andrew's Version (N+1)X, meaning Experimental, which then gets passed
to Bek for quality control when the new initiative works.  At which point
Bek also puts in whatever additional features she has ready.

Seem right?

All best, T
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