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OH BOY Re: programming for zigzag

Hi Carolyn--

VERY sorry to have missed seeing your email
 till just now.

I am very excited about your project.  And in Java!

But let me get this clear-- is this a "visualization,"
 or an actual implementation?  It sounds like the
 latter, which is quite thrilling, but we may need
 to make sure the ZigZag company knows about it
 and the appropriate permissions are handled.

Best, Ted

At 09:06 AM 6/9/98 -0300, you wrote:
> Hi Ted,
> Finally, we are ready to start!! David Robinson, who works on my math stuff
>would like to try to do a graphically oriented demo of some of your zigzag
ideas for
>you. Before I let him loose I want to clarify my understanding as I only
saw it
>in action the one day! I enclose the essence of my sense of the basics.
>straightened out any kinks I may have added to your idea.
>1.The atomic unit of the proposed structure is a single cell with maximum
>2 neighbors defined in each of n arbitrary dimensions.
>2. The contents of any cell are not restricted by type: so that one could
>contain a script, a function, an address, a pointer, a phone number, etc.
>3. The user defines and controls cell content, declaration of dimension, and
>position of any cell within this space.
>4. Minimal functions required include:
>	- declaration of a new dimension
>	- add/delete a cell in one or more dimensions
>	- add/delete/modify contents of a cell
>	- add/delete/modify links
>	- execute across any dimension
>	- view areas of the space, likely 2 or 3 dimensions at any one time
>	- an overview of the dimensions of the entire space
>5. We will be doing this in Java so that we can get a graphical viewer.
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