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View all of zzspace at once

It is possible to view zzspace in all dimensions at once, but
only to a certain depth of detail.

You start with a cell in the center of the view.  I'll call this
the first level of detail.

Then you put connected cells with a negative direction on the
left side and those with a positive direction on the right side.

Each link is color coded according to dimension.  All link lines
have arrows which are are pointed in the positive direction.

The cells are evenly spaced in a vertical line both on the left
and right sides of the center cell.

For the third and beyond levels of detail, all cells are placed and
evenly spaced on a vertical line following the direction of the
second level of detail.  This is so detail can be expanded further
and further without interfering with each other.

As you go to deeper and deeper levels of detail, the cells with
get more crowded.  You could reduce the font size of the cell or
reduce it to an extended dot.

Because cells can be visited in ways that cause loops, the first
positive direction occurance of a cell is used.  Optionally, a 
link line optionally including a grayed out cell can be included
of secondary instances of cells.  Whenever a mouse goes over top
a grayed out cell, the primary instance is highlighted.

It is possible for link lines to get too dense.  Passing the mouse
over various items could make certain link lines and cells made 
more noticeably and other less.