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Re: [zzdev] 0.8 alpha not working correctly for me

Hi Jack,

Jack Seay wrote:

I have downloaded the 0.8 alpha version and can't get it to work normally.

0.8alpha1 isn't a public release-- it's not complete, it's not to be relied on, it's just something you can look at. ;-) Everything you describe is perfectly normal in 0.8alpha1.

I use "java -jar gzz-0.8alpha1.jar -t -C" on the command line (Mac OSX). I get 2 blank windows until I hit "Home".

Until you hit any key, in fact. This is an open bug.

Then I get one blank cell.

Yep, that's your home cell.

I can edit it and add new cells. But where are all the other cells?

There are no other cells. 0.8 starts with a clean slate-- only a single cell. This will remain so; we've found that most users find the initial set of cells confusing.

How do I execute commands?

There are only the keyboard commands.

Get more than 3 views (I have Vanishing, Row, and Column)?

There are no others at this point.

How do I use the Gzz commander window (no curser visible)?

Hmm, you should be able to type into the text box at the bottom, and execute commands by hitting 'Enter'?

What is the Updateloop enabled button?

I think if it's off, the screen doesn't redraw, i.e. there are no reactions to key events, but I'm not 100% sure.

Where should I start in reading the docs for this version of gzz?

There is no user documentation at this point :-/. However, this is a developers' version; we simply haven't started writing user docs... The keyboard language is mostly that of Gzz 0.6.

Btw, you might also want to join the gzz-dev mailing list (http://mail.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/gzz-dev) where most Gzz discussion takes place at this time.

Hope this explains a little bit...
- Benja