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Re: [zzdev] 0.8 alpha not working correctly for me

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 10:56:55AM -0600, Jack Seay wrote:
> I have downloaded the 0.8 alpha version 

I recommend using CVS if you're interested in the bleeding edge;
there's been a lot of progress after alpha1. We are preparing for 
alpha4, but unfortunately the problems you describe below will not
be solved by it.

> and can't get it to work 
> normally. 

Not a wonder. It's a full rewrite and much functionality is still
missing. If that's a problem for you, you should probably wait
until 0.8beta1 which we'll release when everything should be there.

> I use  "java -jar gzz-0.8alpha1.jar -t -C" on the command 
> line (Mac OSX). I get 2 blank windows until I hit "Home". Then I get 
> one blank cell. I can edit it and add new cells. But where are all the 
> other cells? 

Not there yet.

> How do I execute commands? 

You don't, yet. Edit the Java code.

> Get more than 3 views (I have 
> Vanishing, Row, and Column)? 

See above.

See the javadoc of Fallback, for the reasons for these: we need a version
of the system in pure java as a fallback before we can really implement
everything using the structure.

> How do I use the Gzz commander window (no 
> curser visible)? 

It enables you to type in jython commands. Useful for debugging.

> What is the Updateloop enabled button? 

Currently, it does nothing.

> Where should I 
> start in reading the docs for this version of gzz? (I like the improved 
> animation) 

In CVS, the doc/ directory. And the javadocs.