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Part of cursor spec implemented in Gzz

Hi all,

just wanted to say that a good part of Ted's cursor spec (:zz,virt: Cursor-switching command specs, http://www.xanadu.com.au/mail/zzdev/msg02294.html) has just been implemented in Gzz (can I hear a 'finally'? :-) ). The prefered starting points for cursors were not implemented at this time, because we're currently working on a version that does not store any preferences and client-related information in the space-- just the user's data-- as a stable 'fallback' when the structure-based client we intend to write later is broken. However, the most important commands are there:

Alt-N for new window at home cell
Alt-F for cursor fork
Alt-A for arrowset reassignment

Some points:
- I changed Ted's suggested Alt-C to Alt-N because I think that's more mnemonic of the command. - Spacebar for bringing next window front is not implemented because of technical difficulties, will try later. - Alt-V is not implemented a) because of technical difficulties; b) because you can use your OS/window manager to close the window (e.g. Alt-F4 on Windows) and I expect that users are already accustomed to this; and c) because Alt-V is taken for changing the view, backwards.

- Benja