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[zzdev] Re: [zzdev] gzz doku

Yeah, that's great, Ted. But I'll be very surprised if you can read
it online. Printing WITHOUT the background would seem to be the order
of the day. Black print on top of a dark blue background? What's up
with that?

At 18:49 -0700 08/06/2002, Ted Nelson wrote:
They have quite a bit of stuff on line at

What I've had time to look at is very good and well-written.

I don't know how much documents the internals.

Best, Ted N.

At 01:53 PM 8/5/02 +0200, you wrote:

thats me again. I want to know if sombody have the documentation of GZZ as
pdf file or html. so i like to read the documentation on paper.
It is so hard to figerout how does GZZ work and Benja is not here to help
me. Can someone of you help me?



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