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Re: [zzdev] Media Arts Students

Hi Katherine!

Katherine Phelps wrote:
> I regularly have arts students who are keen to do the sort of storytelling
> that would work best using ZigZag as a tool.  They mostly need an easy to use
> interface and an implementation that can be either viewed on the Web or on
> CD-ROMs on any platform.  In particular I have one post-graduate student
> right now who is keen to use ZigZag for his Masters in digital storytelling.

Great to hear!

> I just thought you might be interested in hearing that enjoyable applications
> are ready to be made using ZigZag to demonstrate it to the world.

So which tools do you use? Do you have a script that converts ZigZag
structures to some kind of Web data, or do you just use ZZ for
outlining/structuring? Do you use Perl ZigZag, GZigZag or XML/XSLT
ZigZag (Les Carr's version)?

I still have code around somewhere for a GZigZag module that converts a
very specific GZigZag structure to a set of HTML files, but its neither
flexible nor documented at the moment. However, if anybody would like to
do something along those lines with GZZ, I'd be happy to dig it up and
explain what it does-- it might be useful as a starting point. (Then
again, it may be not...)

- Benja