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Flames (was: Re: [zzdev] AJ, as ever the joker!!! Bus error: Run Gzigzag in four simple steps on Mac OS X)

Edward Harter wrote:
> P. S. I think maybe you have a 'bad attitude', or possibly a bug in your
> social skills runtime...

Edward, although I'm of course not the moderator, I would not like to
see this list degenerate into a place of flames and personal attacks. I
understand that you have had disagreements with AJ, and sometimes
difficulties in communication. Unfortunately, that's how life is,
sometimes. That's not a reason for "ironic" comments about someone
else's personality (as in your P.S. or in the headline).

In my opinion, personal attacks aren't even justified if you have been
attacked by someone else before. And AJ has certainly *not* made
comments about your personality. I also do *not* think they're funny.

So, could you please refrain from that kind of comment in the future?
Thank you.

As for your problem--

> Installed Java 1.3.1 yesterday, fresh from Apple. Standard G4/400 
> Powermac, 1.25G RAM, standard (stock Apple) video card.
> Thanks for the comment, but not very much to the point, is it?

As others have pointed out, the bug is 'by definition' not in GZigZag,
because Java's specification does not allow bus errors (and thus if a
bus error occured, it means the Java runtime does not conform to the
specification, no matter how fresh or from which vendor it was downloaded).

Of course, when the 'big' Java runtimes have bugs which result in
GZigZag not running incorrectly, sometimes we put in workarounds.
However, as you may know, nobody in the core GZigZag team uses MacOS X.
Thus we cannot replicate the bug, and thus hardly put in a workaround.
If you are interested in doing that yourself, and submit a bug fix, or
know somebody else who would do so, we would gladly accept the fix!
(Provided it does not break ZigZag on other platforms, of course.) But
if you cannot do that, at this point there is no way we can help you, sorry.

- Benja