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Re: [zzdev] Run Gzigzag in four simple steps on Mac OS X

On 20020304T225633+0100, Michel Haver wrote:
> Step 2:
> Rename gzigzag-0.6.2-with-modules.jar to gzigzag.jar
> [localhost:~/zigzag] # cp ­p  gzigzag-0.6.2-with-modules.jar gzigzag.jar
> Or
> [localhost:~/zigzag] # mv gzigzag-0.6.2-with-modules.jar gzigzag.jar

Why?  Is there some problem with the original name?

> Step 3:
> Extrac the contents of the gzigzag archive
> [localhost:~/zigzag] #  jar xvf gzigzag.jar

This should not be necessary.

> The Java 2 Platform works out of the box on Mac OS X 10.1.

If so, then java -jar gzigzag.jar should work, too.

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