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What about zipp zap?
what does zigzag mean ? AND what do u know about Kozyrew and kammanberg?
Mustapha Hawking and Luis jorge BORGES (Abdul hack BORG) is KMA=C.M.A (carlos miquel Allende)???

and now what does now mean? whats the time ? is it energy or nothing?
there is a time wars on this universe between 2 groups.
pls tell us zigzag.James Joyce "under the zigzag hill"!
here our groups name is ZIGZAG! so , urs logo is looking like our logo!


Omniscientist Doctrine of ZIGZAG.sche Lehre*3:104+110+114*Hanifate League

TIC-TOC Aquarius Cycle ZIPZAP Millennium

Alias C.M.Allende NExTranScienCenTerminal

WEMBloCongresSenate *WorlDisciPrinciple/WEMBassador/wEmbassy/WembAssistants WEMBase/PasTimEnergy*TiMessAgency KaiMaqam*Tayy-uz-Zeman*Tayy-ul-Meckan TiMeckan:SHE-RA MEHDistrict of ALLAHLAW Maitrea(Messiah+Almighty+Mighty) From Allahlaw to Walhalla>>TimeTripTeam:10SCE> Passangers:Mrs.CP& Miss.CCP + Messenger:MisTresspas*senger Valkyrie 2309 TiMechanics: TARIQ/Dhurakapalam Timebulance>1N>10SCE Haniff Sheriffs: 10SCE Knite (1943 HaViking) & 10SCE Waltz (1945) Haniffated Mehdianism vs.Hadithian Sophianism: The Mehdist Moslem v.the Sophist horror by Hansen vån Æiberg (Heiberg=von Äiberg)

pls help me about this subject...
your zigzag and our zigzag is the same zigzag????


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