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Re: [zigzag] Re: [zigzag] xml,gzz,zz,etc

> > has anyone come up with any kind of aid in:
> > 
> > a: generally formatting any kind of data (e.g. mysqldump) into
> >    .xml ready for import into gzz?
> To my knowledge, unfortunately no. I've meant to write a general XML
> importer/exporter, representing XML trees in GZigZag somehow, but I
> haven't gotten around to that yet.

Well, it's actually not hard to do - I did some of that for wordnet.
Basically, you have two alternatives: either write a Perl or some other language
script to read your stuff and write out ZZ XML format.

Or: write some java code which parses it and then uses the ZZCell API.

> > b: specifically transferring a perl-version dataset into gzz.
> (I can't answer this.)

Vesa had something at some point.