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Yes faithful Xanadu fans, this is it!  The moment you've all been waiting
for so patiently!  The first public release of the software developed by
the Xanadu Operating Company, whose board of directors voted last week
to become "udanax.com", between 1979 and the present.  The Xanadu secret
code previously known as Xanadu 88.1 and 92.1 is today being released
on the web at http://udanax.xanadu.com/ as Open Source under the names
"Udanax Green" and "Udanax Gold".  There will be a press conference at
the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in Monterey California at 1:30pm
today, followed by a talk and presentation by Ted Nelson and Ka-Ping Yee
at 5pm and a BOF session with Roger Gregory at 9pm.  Ted Nelson, Mark
Miller, Ka-Ping Yee and Andrew Pam will also be present.  The Udanax
Green back-end and a new "pyxi" Python front end will be demonstrated
and available, including source code and documentation.

See also the updated website at http://www.xanadu.com/
You are hereby authorised to begin rejoicing immediately!

Cheers from Monterey,
			*** Xanni ***
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