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Re: [xanadu] Versioned pointers: a new method of representing snapshots

Interesting, to say the least. Barts and stamps come to mind....

Speaking of which.... is there any concise-yet-illuminative account of
the current state of the Xanadu/ post-Xanadu project?
I realize there are a lot of files, etc, floating around not least on
your site, but I am looking for an authorative mission-statement (or
a-here-we-stand) kind of doc, that could be recommended to outside
parties, those for whom Xanadu is, AT BEST, but the mythical palace of
Orson Welles' making (even though that was based on a true San Simeon
"location" of W. R. Hearst).

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On 10/07/2008, Andrew Pam wrote:
> Nice work, and very reminiscent of some of the Xanadu designs:
> http://lwn.net/Articles/288896/