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Re: [xanadu] Proposed naming of addresses solution

I noticed that my last message contains an error (well, it probably has several, but this one is particularly likely to be confusing) in the fourth paragraph:

First Speaker Schol-R-LEA;2 wrote:
The old path gets marked as a branch, and the trail is modified so that the path to the paragraph only spans a part of the whole trail,

That last word should have been 'trace', not 'trail' (that is to say, it is pointing to a part of the data that has already been saved). This is what comes of making up the terms as you go along, I guess. FTR, I took a look at the glossary at sunless-sea.net, to try and figure out what the correct terminology would be for these things, but I came up short on it; the terms in the glossary are all more or less tied to the internals of Xanadu, and don't seem to be very helpful for understanding it from the point of view of the application or the user.

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