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Re: [xanadu] Proposed naming of addresses solution

Jack Seay wrote:
> Why not just use a naming system already in place instead of duplicating
> the process in Xanadu: use the Web? If someone wants a name for their
> Xanalogical document(s), they will just give out the address to a web
> page that will contain the appropriate links into Xanadu. Of course,
> links inside Xanadu hypermedia can have any name they want and the real
> address will be hidden inside the link. 

Actually there was a very good article, referenced by many, about there being
three kinds of names, and that you can only have two of the three at any time.
   Anyway, we would need a mix of name types in Xanadu, and more than just
private and global.  But yes, using domain names to quality names is a long
established tradition on the Internet, for XML DTDs, Java modules, etc.

Drat, I can't find it again - I thought it was on the E language page but
apparently not.