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Re: International Xanadu Meetup Day

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Andrew Pam wrote:

| "Floating World", are designs for a 3D workspace to replace the current
| "desktop metaphor".

I forget what Floating World is, is it described online somewhere?

This is my spare time project: <http://interreality.org>

We're trying to get an alpha release together to test a major network
system rewrite, there are some release candidates online if you or
anyone you know wants to test it.

The big idea is a distributed network (graph) of typed objects which
send/recieve messages to each other.   Objects may be (in a sense)
transcluded by linking them to other objects using either an "incoming"
(parent) or "outgoing" child relationship, which also has a label
describing the purpose or "context" for that relationship.  In the 3D
application, we have various objects describing geometry, with the
properties of those 3D objects described by "child" objects contained
within a "parent" world, though those worlds will in the future be able
to be interconnected by "portals".  You can't really do a scenegraph yet
but that will be possible in the future as well (it's spec'ed but not
actually supported in the user client software yet).

Our website is running on the same object base. See
<http://interreality.org/projects/hypervos>.   So, many interesting
_hyper_ textual things are possible, but we have no user tools to do
them yet.  But if you spend enough time looking around the site you
might see evidence of chunks of text reused in different contexts.

Nothing like the character-addressable system in Xanadu though...


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