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Javascript Extension to Eprints Transquotations Service

I've implemented an extension to the Eprints Transquotation Service
that allows authors to make an inline quote, rather than just a link
to an eprints page.

In brief, the technique is as follows:
  1) The author passes an Eprints URL to a php proxy script
  2) The php proxy script connects to Eprints server and downloads quotation
  3) The php proxy script outputs the quotation to browser as Javascript output

I'd like some feedback about:
  1) how the quote output should be "framed", ie Should 
      there be a logo signaling that this is a transquotation?  
      or a link to the larger quote context?
  2) how people feel about the use of a proxy to perform this functionality?

A more full explanation, an example, and source code is available on my website:

-Tim Langeman
Akron, PA