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Doug Engelbart recuperating in Oxford

Dave-- this is to supplant any rumors--

Doug Engelbart, who'd been touring Europe, lectured last
 Thursday at the Oxford Internet Institute (where I work).  At
 lunch he was ready to keel over from exhaustion and what
 turned out to be pneumonia.

After five days in the hospital, he has been released to recuperate
 at our apartment until he is ready to return to the States.  

Silver lining!  Briar patch!  I and my partner, Marlene Mallicoat,
 rejoice at this unprecedented chance to hang out with our dear
 friend at leisure.  Who knows?  We may end up agreeing!

He says he is open to receiving visitors, subject to health issues.
 Please email to tandm@xxxxxxxxxx; Marlene will reply.

All best,Ted

Theodor Holm Nelson, Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute
 & Visiting Fellow of Wadham College 
 University of Oxford, 1 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3JS, UK
Founder, Project Xanadu (the first hypertext project), 1960+
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