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Re: International Xanadu Meetup Day

No, nothing so nefarious...

They believe (rightly, I think) that if at least five people don't commit to gather someplace, the odds there won't be enough people actually show up to make it worthwhile. I've been caught a few times by this, when the limit was four people. All commit to showing up, you go to the restaurant, and you're the only one there. Bummer.

Given human foibles, some number of those who commit will always cancel w/o notice. With five RSVPs, probably three will actually go.

If five don't sign up, Meetup sends you an email saying the meeting was cancelled this month due to low participation and to spread the word and try again next month.


____Textpert Alert____ wrote:
It takes at least five people in a geographical location to allow
a meeting to take place. [...]

  I'm sorry, who exactly is this "dis/allowing" party we all
  of a sudden are supposed to be subjects of? Or else what?
  Less than 5 people is not enough of a future marketing
  opportunity for them, or something?