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> From agarcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sat Mar 16 03:26:04 1996
> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 12:24:44 -0600 (CST)
> From: Anthony Garcia <agarcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: xanadu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Cc: agarcia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: Definition of Xanadu per Ted and Kathy
> Ted Nelson wrote:
>    However that may be, my definition [of a "document"] is currently
>    as follows:
>    "The owned name and boundary for an arbitrary collection of versions
>    containing original and/or transcluded materials, moving and
>    changing through time."
>    The operative unit is therefore the version.
> What's the definition of a "version", in this schema?
> Thanks,
> -Anthony Garcia
> agarcia@xxxxxxxxxxx

VERSION (tentative definition, 96.03.30)

A structure of owned content materials,
 representable by a list of addresses
 and possibly some structuring information.

It is often the case that versions have much commonality
 over time and changes, but this is not to be relied upon.

A document is an arbitrary collection of versions with 
 an owned name and boundary.

In the Xanadu eschatology, a version may contain materials
 (i.e., materials may be listed as part of its contents)
 which are owned by others.  This presents no copyright
 problem if materials are participating in the transcopyright
 system, since each user is expected to download these portions
 independently and recomposite them in the browser. 
 Thus royalties are sorted out correctly as the separate
 pieces are bought.

For this, extremely small and efficient payments are required.
 Materials need to be sold by very small portions at a
 pro-rata price.  To give a sense of the appropriate order
 of magnitude, a novelist gets about 200 nanobucks per byte
 per copy, a videotape sells for about 1800 nanobucks per frame.
 Thus the payment scheme has to be WAY down there.
 (I have a patent pending for such a system, and I hear that
 Digital Equipment is also promoting a system of very small



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